MC Architecture and Design

MC Architettura e Design s.r.l. intends to provide a valuable guide through the planning phase that any company must face. Having honed our experience in the most diverse commercial sectors enables our staff to meet the client’s demands with promptness and inventiveness.

Our approach is based on listening to the customer and his/her requests, leaving out unnecessary proves of concept and focusing on what the company and the people representing it really need.

Our work areas range from construction to pure design, including:

The collaboration may include the entire construction process (from draft to finished work), or be limited to works supervision. In any case, all stages will be carried out with our distinctive attention and experience.

MC Architettura e Design s.r.l. provides the following services:

The experience gained over the years allows us to operate in the most diverse environments, with particular attention to the airport sector.

Some of our major clients are: Alitalia, Sab Bologna airport, Save Venice airport, Sagat Turin airport, Cathay Pacific, Ducati, CNA and University of Bologna.