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contest one square for bologna

one square fo Bologna and Emilia-Romagna, ideas contest for Bologna 2007

“The International Competion of ideas”, in anonymous format, aimed to the collection of planning proposals for the upgrading and the birth of a new square for Bologna and the Emilia Romagna, inside a general redefinition of the urbanistic development of the northern side of the city. The tools of the project within the urban scale were the concepts of Green, Water ant Stone.

The Green as a continuous space that overcomes the infrastructural caesuras and opens the ground floor of the buildings to reach the privileged place of the project, which is the square itself. The Water as an element of connection, as a continuous and privileged route that touches all the areas of the project. The Stone as the principal existing material that carries a great identifiability.

The graphic treatment of the blind sides of the towers revisited and strengthened the image of the square. The images placed on the external sides signalled that the attention is mainly turned in the direction ofthe crossings. 

Project slogan: Mille7