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Restoration of Pia Opera Andrea Bovi church, Castenaso, 2010

direction restoration works

Project Architect: Marco Colonnelli
Project Team: Fiore Torchia

The Pia Opera Andrea Bovi Chapel is a small rectangular shaped church, built at the end of 1800 in Villanova di Castenaso (BO). The original barrel vaulted ceiling was built with a timber framework fixed to the outside of the vaults and covered with straws, in a very traditional Italian building technique. The timber framework is fixed to the central wooden truss. The barrel vault is decorated with paintings that create the illusion of real lacunars.

The main area to be refurbished was the roof; part of the structure was replaced, insulation and waterproofing layers were added and the roofing was repaired. Inside, all the existing painted decorations, the benches and the main altar were also restored.