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contest peschiera del garda

redevelopment ideas competition for square Ferdinando di Savoia, Peschiera del Garda, 2011

Project Architect: Marco Colonnelli
Project Team: Valentina Misgur, Pietro D'amico, Emilia Castellani

The project foresees the restoration of a strong sign of the past, the "darsena fantasma" as characterizing element of the new plaza. The “darsena fantasma” redefines a lost limit with the introduction of the element water and of a new flooring in stone of lessinia, partly rough and partly shiny, that recalls the water with games of light.

The problem of the out staircase of the ancient plaza of weapons is resolved with a fragmentation of the space in different devoted environments and characterized : the church square of the church, the scene-dehors to service of the cafes, the small park under the bridge, to which is entered by an aerial staircase-run.

The language is minimale, based on the use of the materials (stone, wood, water, green) and on simple geometries