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layout design exhibition of Del Conca e Pastorelli

Project Architect: Marco Colonnelli
Project Team: Michele Alessandrini

or almost twenty years, the covering has been the predominant element in the field of ceramic tiles and in the industry of natural stone in North America. The project concerned the fitting of the exhibition area for the two Italian names Del Conca and Pastorelli, both belonging to the Faetano Group. The two stands were in proximity of the itinerary. The idea of a “bridge element” ideally connecting the two brands was the core of the project, in order to create a single walk-in area open to the public.

The two distinct business areas were defined by table/flower-boxes in wengè, seats Driade (mod. Toy), lamps Luceplan (mod. Costanzina).The corners of the layout were characterized by angular exhibitors with graphic backlighting.