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airport guglielmo marconi of bologna, italy

benches gate and benches tour operators

Project Architec: Marco Colonnelli

The planning of the study Colonnelli continues for the requalification of the Airport Guglielmo Marconi of Bologna. After the new benches check in of Area 2, the Gate of boarding will be realized new and the Benches new Tours Operator. The new Gate will be realized in 2013. The chosen materials are corian black opaque and the satinato steel. The new Benches Tour Operator will be positioned in Area 2, in front of the new islands of the benches check in.

requalification new info point

The plan regards the realization of the new ones info point of the airport Guglielmo Marconi of Bologna.
An only element to spiral in corian red, separates the operators from the passengers. Consoles of satinato steel and retro illuminate diagrams characterize the job emplacement.

La pavimentazione è realizzata in resina verde e grigio avorio